Give Dad The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift – A Man Cave!

Adams Design Construction - Finished Basement Man CaveWhat’s really the perfect gift for this Father’s Day?  One that he’ll be grateful to you for the rest of his life. You could give dad some more socks and another tie; like you did last year, and probably the year before. You could go fancy with a nice shirt, or even a trip to a ball game. Or you could give him the gift every guy really wants: his very own man cave. And whether it’s just dedicating a room in the house, or doing some bigger renovations, you can give dad his own space on any sort of budget.

First thing’s first: you need a game plan. The key to a great man cave comes from great planning. A room dedicated to watching the game with the guys every Sunday has different needs than a place where dad can show off his collection of classic movie memorabilia. You probably already know what dad loves, but work with him to figure out the specifics. After all, it’s his space, and should be exactly the way he wants it.

Once you’ve got a plan, you need to find the right space. Basements, attics, garages, and even spare rooms are all prime real estate to be converted to a man-ctuary. The biggest things to consider are the space’s size and ability to accommodate what you want. A converted office may be big enough of a place for your dad to relax and enjoy his record collection, but not enough to put in a big screen TV, sofa, pool table and a bar. And if he’s a would-be rock and roll drummer, the room could be soundproofed.

Likewise, the space has to have adequate heat and air control, electrical and possibly even plumbing set up to meet his needs. And a man cave doesn’t exactly need to be the pinnacle of luxury, but certainly a comfortable enough place to relax in. An unfinished basement probably won’t do the job. You may want to consider upgrading to a finished basement. Not only will you make a great space for a man cave, but you’ll also add real value to the home.

Now it’s time to deck the cave out! Comfy leather recliner, sofa, tv, sound system, mini-fridge, hidden bar, gym equipment– whatever will make it the perfect room for dad. After that, his man cave is just about complete. The only thing left it do is round up the guys and break it in!

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