Transitional Kitchens

The most fun, though toughest part about remodeling a kitchen may just be deciding on a style. You love the sleek look of contemporary kitchens, but also the warmth and timelessness of traditional design. Who wants to confine themselves to single style? If you find yourself faced with this design-dilemma, you may want to consider going with a transitional kitchen.

But what is a transitional kitchen? At its core, transitional kitchen design is simple. It’s centered on achieving a seamless blend between traditional and modern looks in a single space. It draws from the best of both worlds, without looking uncoordinated and out of place.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to transitional design, and it can manifest itself in any number of different ways: white shaker cabinets with stainless steel appliances and hardware, a modern faucet with a farmhouse sink, or wood counter tops paired with contemporary light fixtures.

Great transitional designs aren’t afraid to mix colors, materials, textures, and styles, creating something  both unique and  cohesive. It’s all about striking a balance between old-school charm and new-school sleekness, and the result is a kitchen with a design that is as flexible as it is unique.

More and more, transitional designs are becoming a popular choice for people building or remodeling their kitchens. According to Remodeling Magazine, transitional kitchens have beat out both purely traditional and purely modern as the most popular style choice for the last two years.

So, if you’re planning on giving your kitchen a new look and can’t choose between traditional and contemporary, you don’t need to do just one or the other – consider a transitional kitchen!

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