5 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Small Bathroom!

Do you dream about a spacious master bathroom, with a whirlpool tub for two, a large show, double vanities, and lots of storage?  Hey!  Reality check!!  OK, although we don’t all have a lavish bath, we can and should have a comfortable, well organized, and stylish one.  Here are Five great tips to help make the most out of your bathroom, no matter what the size:

  1. Small Bathroom Design TipsTAKE STOCK.  Spend a few minutes looking at your bath and start taking notes.  Ask yourself about everything inside.  How does everything work with the space? Are there any elements that take up more space than they should?   Would rearranging things open up the space?  Is there enough room to make your time there comfortable?  An example—can you reach the T.P. without advanced Pilates moves?
  2. CHOOSE COLORS.   What small changes can be done to make a big difference?  Dark colors make a room feel smaller and crowded.  If your bath is small, go with lighter colors, or white with some contrasting accent colors.  Patterns on the walls with either paint or tile can emphasize the height of your room and make it feel bigger.
  3.  CANCEL CLUTTER.  Even a little bit of clutter in a small bathroom can seem downright messy.   Being smart about your organization and storage in your  bathroom can make a big difference!  A great way to do this is by using recessed shelving when possible. Without cabinets and shelves protruding out, you’ll free up quite a bit of floor space.   Open shelves add even more depth.  Pullout shelves can give quick access to deep cabinets.
  4. COMPACT CABINETRY.  Replace cabinets that take up less floor space.  You could also consider adult height so you don’t have to bend over those Lilliputian vanities of yesteryear.
  5. PUNCTUATE WITH PLUMBING.  Smaller sinks with more counter space, pedestal sinks, and the very desirable higher toilets all add comfort, charm, and function to the most intimate room in your home.

Adams Design Construction can help you make your small bathroom do big things.  Our NKBA designers and construction staff can help you and your family experience a more comfortable and elegant bathroom.

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