If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

adams-design-construction-if-the-shoe-fitIf you grew up with Mother Goose nursery rhymes, you no doubt remember the story “There was a Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” A shoe is certainly an odd place to take up residence, but in reality most of us live in our shoes for most of the day! And while it might not be all that obvious, your shoes and your home have a lot more in common than you’d think.

On average, you’ll walk upwards of 1000 miles each year, and with you for every step of those miles are your shoes. If you have a high quality pair of shoes, they’ll have a long life and make those miles a comfortable experience. On the other hand, buying a cheap pair of shoes is going cause a nightmare for your feet.  Now think about how many hours you’ll spend in your home each year! If you want to make the hours you spend at home an enjoyable experience, don’t skimp when it comes to remodeling.

The health of your feet is directly tied to your overall health. With 28 bones, dozens of joints, and hundreds of muscles and tendons, problems in your feet can easily throw the rest of your body out of whack.  Bad arches or hammer toes can lead to back and neck problems. A great pair of shoes will support your feet and keep your body in line; a bad pair of shoes will make your life miserable.  Likewise, your home has a huge effect on your health, both physical and mental. Problems like mold, lead paint, and poor ventilation can all have terrible effects on your health. But the comfort and functionality of your home also go a long way to keeping you stress free.

So if you want high quality construction, beautiful design, and lasting comfort with your home remodel, choose Adams Design Construction. Because like they say: “If the shoe fits, wear it!”

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