4 DIY Home Remodeling Don’ts

4 DIY Home Remodeling Don’ts

So you’re ready to for to renovate your home, and you want the challenge of doing it yourself?  If you choose to go the DIY route, here are some things you don’t want to do!

Adams Design Construction - DIY Dont's

Don’t try this at home!

Don’t Rush it – The saying “Fools rush in” couldn’t be truer than it is for home remodeling. It certainly isn’t the kind of endeavor you want to take on an impulse decision, and doing so is a recipe for disaster. Like any investment, it take should take a serious time commitment. Depending on the size of the project, it could take weeks or months – just in planning alone! So map it out, talk it over, phone a friend, ask an expert, let simmer, and sleep on it.

Don’t Skimp on Safety – It’s all fun and games until someone (or something) gets hurt, and it’s bound to happen if you don’t take all of the proper safety measures. Turn off circuit breakers and shut off gas and water lines if you’re working around them and before you go swinging a sledgehammer or firing up a buzz saw, break out the safety goggles, gloves, and a healthy dose of caution.

Don’t Go Cheap – Along with the satisfaction of ‘doing it yourself’, much of the appeal of DIY project comes from being able to save money. This can certainly be true of remodeling projects, but you have to be careful. Borrowing a friend’s power tools is a good way to save some cash; using cheap or the wrong materials is not! You can cut costs, but you should never cut corners when it comes to your home.

Don’t Get in Over Your Head – Installing new cabinets or light fixtures is one thing, but remodeling a kitchen from the bottom up is a whole different story. Be realistic about your skill level and what you can accomplish, and don’t try to tackle a project that is out of your league. It can save you the extra time and money of having to fix problems that you could have avoided in the first place if you would have hired a professional. But if you find yourself in over your head, it’s okay to admit that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and call in the cavalry.

But with all of the “don’ts” I just mentioned, there’s one more thing to consider:  DO enjoy each and every moment, knowing that you’re building your dreams.  And when it’s all over, step back take a deep breath, and feel the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something important for you and your family.

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