The Winter Check-Up

The cold is here and there is no turning back. While many of us wish summer would’ve lasted forever, we need to focus on the next few months of extreme temperature changes.  With even a bit of basic maintenance, your home will be in much better shape for the cold that has hit us hard – costing you less on heating, and preventing major damage that could happen if you neglect it.

Think of the outside of your home as you do your face. Seriously! Because it’s constantly barraged by the elements, the exterior of your home, just like your face, can be a prime source of problem spots – think about pimples, rashes, blemishes. Your home’s exterior can break out too!  Take a look at the roof, siding, and gutters to check for any damage or spots that might cause leaks. Getting these in good shape will go a long way to keeping your home efficient once it starts to get cold. If you have a chimney, it’s especially important to make sure the flue is clean and free of any animals or other debris before you start to use it in the winter.

Adams Design Construction - Winter Check UpLet’s go inside now. What are you wearing? Don’t take that the wrong way. If you are always cold in your house, there’s an issue. Space around your windows and doors can be a major source of leaks, and – if they go unchecked – can drive up your heating bill like mad when it’s cold. Examine around the frames for cracks or separation, and use caulk to seal them up if needed. And if your attic isn’t adequately insulated, it can cause some parts of the roof to melt snow, and other parts to build up ice. This leads to ice dams – while pretty, you don’t want water damage in your home!

Next, take a look at the always-in-use-during-the-winter-furnace. To make sure your furnace can handle to hard work, you might want to call up an HVAC technician to come in to service it. They’ll be able to check for any problems, like duct leaks or a failed heat pump, and get your heating system in tip-top-shape. And, once you’re running the heat regularly, don’t forget to change your furnace’s filters every month to keep it working smoothly.

With winter upon us, it’s not too late to look at our Fall Home Maintenance Check List. If you’re worried about how energy efficient your home will be for the winter, contact us to schedule an energy audit. We’ll show you how your home is using energy, and give you ways to help improve your home’s efficiency.

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