It Takes More than Tech to Make a Smart Kitchen

Each year, we’re getting closer to having kitchens like something straight out of The Jetsons. “Smart” kitchens, sporting the latest in high-tech appliances and gadgetry, are an ever growing trend and it won’t be too long before we have our own Rosie the Robot to make us a cup of joe in the morning.

Adams Design Construction - Smart KitchensBut in reality there’s a lot more to a smart kitchen than refrigerators with touch screens and ovens that will tweet at you when your meatloaf is done. Designing a really smart kitchen is all about making it easy to use, as well as energy efficient. Of course state-of-the-art appliances go a long way to making a kitchen smart, but they’re only one piece of the puzzle.

To get an idea of how important smart kitchen design can be, first let’s take a minute and think about a “dumb” kitchen. Have you ever had a drawer you couldn’t open all the way because it would run into something, or a cabinet you couldn’t see into because it didn’t get any light, or a kitchen that got hazy every time you cooked because it didn’t have great ventilation? These are all examples of kitchens that were built without putting a lot of thought into how they will actually work, and even the most high-tech appliances won’t balance out these “sort of” fundamental flaws.

Making a smart kitchen is all about finding a balance between a myriad of elements: work space, storage space, lighting, ventilation, and energy efficiency – just to name a few. It can be quite the challenge, and certainly takes a lot of creativity and problem solving, especially in a small kitchen. You might wonder how it’s possible to fit all of your appliances in and still have space just to stand!

Fortunately for you, our designers and builders are experts at creating smart kitchens! They’ve dealt with the challenge of meeting form and function in kitchens of all shapes and sizes, and can do the same for you. And if you do really want that touch screen refrigerator, they’ll help you make the most out of it!

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