The Pros and Cons of An Open Layout

Adams Design Construction - Open LayoutOpen floor plans are becoming one of the most sought after features in new homes and major remodeling projects.

As the name suggests, a home with an open floor plan lets each room flow into the next creating a greater combined space. The open effect can be achieved in a number of different ways; from using half walls to removing walls completely.

Open floor plans make blurred lines.

By opening up your home’s layout, you start to blur the line between workspaces like the kitchen, formal areas like the dining room, and relaxation zones like the living room. It gives you the chance to create a more engaging and free environment, and encourages people to move between each area. This makes homes with open floor plans perfect for throwing a party. You could be working in the kitchen, and be able to interact with guests almost anywhere!

One of the great benefits of an open layout that you might not think about is how much more natural light will fill the house. As the walls come down, you’re breaking down the barriers that block light from reaching as far as it could, and you’ll be basking in light coming in from three or even four sides.

Sometimes, having an open layout is a necessity.

For smaller homes, interior walls take up a bigger portion of the space than bigger homes, and your square footage suffers because of it. You’d be amazed how much bigger a home feels once it’s been opened up!

But for as great as they are, open floor plans aren’t for everyone, and there are some downsides to consider.

When your home becomes more open you’ll be able to see and hear everything going on in the other areas. This can be great when you want to keep an eye on your kids playing in the living room while you’re cooking dinner. But on the other hand, when you’re entertaining guests they’ll be able to see any piled up dishes sitting in the sink, or hear all the clanking as you put them away.

Wandering smells will be more of an issue if your kitchen is open to rest of the house as well. Walls used to keep in the cloud of onion and garlic (for the most part), and when you don’t have them the smells are free to spread throughout your home. So if you’re going to go for an open style kitchen, ventilation is going to be key. This make sure that any smells or smoke go out and window or vent, instead of into your living room!

Ready to open your home up, or want to learn more about open layouts? Contact us at Adams Design Construction!

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