Lighting Your Bathroom Right

Whether it’s shaving your legs in the shower, looking through the medicine cabinet, or trying to pull out those stray nose hairs, light is key to making your bathroom work – but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Because every bathroom is a different shape and size, each one has its own lighting solution.

Vanities are one of the most important areas in the bathroom to light, and they’re one of the areas most often lit wrong. Many go for a strip of lights above the mirror. That’s a poor choice. Why? These overhead lights will end up casting shadows on your eyes, cheeks, and under your chin. Not only will these shadows make it harder to put on makeup or shave, but they can be very unflattering. The solution: place lights on both sides of the vanity, centered eye level. The light coming from each side will eliminate those artificial shadows and lines, and let you see yourself clearer than ever. You’ll be surprised how much better you look when you’ve got the right light!

Adams Design Construction - Bathroom LightingLighting isn’t always about function, and using it to create style is just as important. Accent lighting is what will help make your bathroom feel alive, instead of flat. Want to show off that beautiful glass bowl sink, or painting? Go for smaller, recessed spotlights to give them some much deserved attention.

And sometimes, the absence of light can be exactly what your bathroom needs. Who wants to take a long, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day, in a bathroom that’s lit up to the max? This is why dimmer switches are your best friend! They let you control the light any way you’d like, allowing you to set a mood when you need it, or even save energy by operating at a lower intensity.

The bottom line when it comes to bathroom lighting: use layers. Don’t just go for one source; mix natural, ambient, task and decorative lighting of various intensities and you’ll have a bathroom that’s flexible enough to do what you need it to do!

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