Unique Kitchen Countertop Materials

Adams Design Construction - Unique CountertopsGranite may be the reigning king of countertops, but it’s starting to get a run for its money.  While it used to be hard to find countertops made from something other than stone, there are now more options than ever, some that you may have never thought of! So if you want to go for something a little more out of the ordinary, check out these unique countertop materials:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the ultimate material for a working kitchen! It’s nearly indestructible, bacteria proof, and super easy to clean. Just give it a quick wipe off and it’s good to go. On the flipside, it’s more prone to surface scratches and fingerprint smudges.


Soapstone can be found in pretty much every chemistry classroom in the world, because it’s resistant to heat, chemicals, and as durable as they come – making it a great choice for your kitchen  as well. As far as looks go, soapstone ranges from medium to dark gray, and can sometimes have a green tint to it. Each slab also has unique veining pattern, so no two will ever look the same.


Few other materials have the warmth that wood has to offer, which makes it great for a traditional or rustic looking kitchen. Pair wood countertops with a nice farmhouse sink and you’ll have instant old-school charm. The downside of wood is that because it was once a living thing, it can be a bit finicky. If not adequately sealed, moisture can cause wood to swell and shrink. But if you keep it well maintained, you’ll have beautiful countertops that will last a long time!


Bamboo countertops have a lot in common with wood – especially the warm, natural look. But bamboo also has the added bonuses of being an eco friendly material as well as relatively affordable. Like wood though, bamboo requires regular sealing to keep it in good condition.


In terms of appearance, concrete is one of the most versatile countertop materials out there. You can get it in nearly any shape, color, or texture you’d want, and it can even be mixed with other materials to make it even more unique.


Here’s one you probably haven’t considered!  It won’t look like a pretty new penny forever though. Copper is a “living” material that oxides and changes color over time. This part of the appeal for many people that choose copper countertop, but can lead to sheer disappointment if you don’t know what you’re getting. If you want to keep the shiny, brand-new look it’s going to take a regular resealing to keep it from oxidizing.

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