Kitchen Trends for 2014

We are heading into peak home remodeling season and are looking at trends for your kitchen that might make you want to remodel sooner rather than later.

Gourmet Kitchens

Adams Design Construction - Kitchen TrendsChef’s stoves have been big for years but are gaining more traction now. If you take a look at any of home magazines these days, you see plenty of homes with them.  Remember, though, stoves this large require some learning and special cleanings.

Going Green

Not a new fad, but more and more people are looking to make the kitchen much more efficient. Things to think about when remodeling your kitchen is changing to a high efficiency dishwasher, sustainable wood flooring, recycled countertops and reclaimed tile for backsplashes.

Colorful Backsplashes

Speaking of backsplashes, bold colors are the fad. This year Radiant Orchid is very popular.  Who knows what bold color will take the lead next year? Why don’t you decide, dear home owner, with your bold color of choice! Backsplashes are a great way to change the feel of any kitchen immediately.


We talked about unique countertop materials in a recent blog; copper, soapstone, concrete, wood and bamboo. These are taking kitchens to a whole new level! Granite and Quartz remain the kings and last a very long time but the others are as durable.


These are great kitchen tools and make cooking or hosting parties a cinch! They add prep, casual dining space, storage and dimension to your kitchen. Be wary, though, if your kitchen is too small. You may need to expand it…of course, that’s something we would be happy to help with.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Stay ahead of the trends and get that kitchen you’ve always wanted sooner rather than later!

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