Breeze Ways

Breeze WaysIn 1900, Frank Lloyd Wright first published the structure known as a Breeze Way but these ‘connectors’ were around as early as the North American frontier days. They were known as the ‘dog trot’ between the elements of log cabins.

Breeze ways are often, but not always, a sheltered passage between two structures. House to garage, to gazebo, to screened porch, to boat house, to cottage, to pool, to green house, you name it! They are nothing less then spectacular doing double duty as a bridge over water.

Not only do breeze ways look amazing, insurances differ from state to state, but once a garage is attached to the home there is a significant increase in your home’s value

With so many people working from home, you can easily create your screened in breeze way to be your ‘walk to work’. Head to your home studio, office, craft and/or hobby place, man cave, screen porch or pool through a spacious area with the luxury of aeration yet totally free of annoying insects.

Depending on the location of your breeze way, you can design it to be an area that either blocks the elements from getting in your way (leaves/ wind) or make sure you get the breezes! Your morning and evening air, fragrant roses, freshly mowed grass or outdoor grilling scents are simple but powerful pleasures in life.

Breeze ways can serve as added entertainment space for big occasions like reunions, graduations or weddings.

You can create flattering places for benches, grills, bikes, snowshoes or skis to ‘live’.

A breeze way built to surround a court yard or the length of your back yard would be heaven for you and your pets!

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