The Power of Pergolas

Adams Design Construction - PergolasThere is still plenty of summer left to build a little drama into your home! So, we’ve put the spot light on PERGOLAS.

What in the heck is a pergola anyway? Translated it means ‘projecting eaves’ and there are as many styles as there are houses.

These ‘projecting eaves’ can be as simple as an ‘eyebrow’ design–a short extension over an entrance way or garage–to a free-standing, streamline structure with a nautical theme complete with flowing drapes.

They can be built sturdy with feet in cement with half walls to almost airy fairy that only light and wind move though.

It’s the way to go when you are dissatisfied with any boring corner on the outside of your home. For this pergola, you can extend it off of an existing wall. It is up to you whether to hang plants, cover the top by weaving fabric through it, or simply letting the design of the pergola artfully draw it’s own shadows.

Perhaps your home sports a great view. An exotic pergola can reign over an outdoor dinning and/or living room area to share with your family and guests.

If your garden is your pleasure, an oriental pergola can crown your fountain or pool.

Entertaining is grand with a solid beamed pergola over your hot tub and/or bar.

Your swings and/or hammocks can be fully private under a rustic pergola created to support growing vines and hanging flower baskets.

Whether your home is historic or brand new, a pergola can be exclusively designed and created to match it for you.

These pergola spaces are high-minded places to gather your thoughts, entertain, work, dine, play, swim, relax, sleep, plan and day dream. They also look really good on you!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Pergolas

  1. I had a pergola at my last house and I miss it dearly. My next home improvement plan, although it may be a while, is to add a deck, hot tube, and pergola. I can’t wait, thanks for the reminder!

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