Laundry Space

The days of having your laundry room look sterile are long behind us!

Photo: HGTV

If you have a family of any size, you spend a considerable amount of time there. There is absolutely NO reason it can’t be as fun as a recreation or entertaining room.

Built-in seats with nooks for books to read while you wait for your running shorts to dry; a desk where your computer can live so you can catch up on your social media or homework; sports can be viewed on a built-in TV set while you’re folding those pajamas!

On the whole, in new houses, you’ll find the laundry room on the main floor.

The more color the better.

A country look, including a half-door, (just like Mr. Ed) can not only bring the feel of country to the suburbs, the appliances can all be hidden behind wood fronts.

In older homes, the amount of people who’ve delivered themselves up from the basement is growing fast.

Children? Make shelf space for their toys while they ‘help’ you.

Built-in’s are dreamy! A drop down ironing board; for air-drying, drop outs or pull drawers made out of dowels; clothes lines that retract in and out of wall; an extra fold-out table….each doing their job well, then disappearing.

It’s the ideal place to set your dog or kitty door. Nice to have your critters come in and out at their leisure, even nicer for you to have easy clean up.

An extra shower makes it easy to rinse off animals, children, garden tools and to water plants.

A built-in folding table can share the duties of space for school projects to be created and left to dry; a postal/ wrapping paper area; a place to repot plants.


Good-bye laundry room, hello Fundry room!

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