Recycling Is Good – Reconstructing Is Great!

Making your home more wonderful to live in doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add on, you can easily add in!

Attic space is very often disregarded.

Adams Design Construction - Attic skylight bathroomIt’s… too drafty, too hot, too cold, too dusty, used for storage, etc. All those things have remedies and are trifles compared to the fact it’s all there for you already! You can easily have much more accessible storage space designed right along with that extra bathroom you’ve been wanting for ever.

And, remember when Greg Brady moved upstairs to the attic on the Brady Bunch? The upper regions of the house are a dream come true for teens who are growing into their mature independence.

Small kitchens can be reconstructed to utilize space so much more efficiently without losing coziness or charm. It is more often the case you can take a boring kitchen and give it coziness and charm!

Adams Design Construction - Foley HouseIn your everyday needs, there seems to never be enough shelving for school projects you want to honor, a new trophy to admire, or birthday/anniversary/holiday to celebrate.

Even in the smallest families a special shelf, built next to numerous electrical outlets, can not only keep all recharging ‘media’ safe from getting dropped, wet, crushed, lost, or forgotten but keep all those unsightly ‘octopus’ wires neatly out of sight.

Let us not forget the little ones! If this winter is anything close to last year, making their rooms fun is necessary for your sanity as well as their enjoyment

Having your own indoor fort, tree house, doll house, window seat, pint size booth, train table, bunk beds or slide is what makes the world go round.

Adams Design Construction - Kid's Play Area


Think fun, think expanding your own place…after all, it’s more than just a house…you have made it a home!

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