Historic Houses

Historic Houses - Adams Design ConstructionPeople fall in love with older houses about the same way they fall in love with other people. The character and warmth clinging to homes of a simpler time are powerful.

It may be a home that has been in your own family for generations or one among the 2,300 historic districts throughout the United States. When

that ‘something-something’ charms you, you just take the leap. You find yourself doing everything within your power to make it your own. It’s exciting and a fun challenge, too.

Even the well educated will find there is always more to learn. The first Historic District was created in Charleston, S.C. in 1931 but it was not until 1966 that the Federal Government’s National Register of Historic Places came into being. There are a lot of benefits when you belong to the National Register.

The ‘rules’ are divided up between Federal, State and Local laws.

Historic Houses - Adams Design ConstructionYou’ll find the most protection at the local level, but that said, tax incentives are better at the Federal and State levels.

On the whole it means the protection of your investment; superior quality of design; a positive affect for both energy and environmental efficiency; a vehicle for education; and economically wonderful for tourism and business recruiting! Research has shown that Historic Districts appreciate significantly faster then the market as a whole and hold their own in low times.

Whether you go with the Arts & Crafts Movement, Bungalow or Victorian, additions can be designed keeping within the time period, inside and out. Before you even begin the joy of decorating, floors can lowered, woods and millwork can be matched, space can be created to fit retro/period appliances, fire places can be cleaned, updated or removed to create flow. A well structured 200 year old house can be made to last another 200 years.

We have worked often with Historical Registered Buildings of Dane County. There’s a lot of red tape that we handle. Even if your home isn’t registered, we take the same care in handling the history to ensure your home lives on for generations to come. Interested? See what we have to offer – click here!

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