Stairs & Storage

The space you already have in your home is the easiest place to start when thinking of storage – it’s also the best way to maximize the value of your home. Very often though, even if you love everything about your home, you can grow a little immune to your own surroundings.

Great designers see what you cannot. Not only do their minds ‘work’ in constantly thinking up new ways to look at things, they have the luxury of a fresh ‘slate of mind’ when they walk into your home.

It’s a no-brainer to suggest custom closet space. People have been storing any number of things under beds or under seats for ages. BUT storage possibilities under, behind, or beneath stairs are wildly wonderful! You can always change, add, replace or eliminate your present stairs. You can even create stairs as a secret door to another room.

Bar Space-using the back upper wall for all those extra glasses you don’t want in the kitchen.Stairs storage

Wood and glass doors for a vintage look-closing in storage for collectables and/or larger pieces of the ‘good’ china.

Pantry-stored canned goods, food, baking need, blenders, mixers, larger pots.Stairs storage

Play Space-Tree house, Gingerbread funhouse, Pirate ship, Troll cave.Stairs storage

Vertical Door Panels-allow sliding clothing wracks for storing seasonal attire.

Reading nook-solid seat structure with storage draw, a snug mattress, plump pillows, overhead lighting and an extra shelf for a cup of tea or hot chocolate.Stairs storage

Wood shelves-incorporate a storage container on wheels. Easy to roll out a multi purpose caddy and just as easily slide it back into it’s matching harbor space.

Book shelves-tucked right behind the stairs for collections.d2b852bc9e65c6040297b71cdd4ca31c

Take a look at that space under your stairs and call us so we can look with you! We can come up with a perfect use for that space that will not only give you a new storage space, it will make your home look even better!

Contact us today!


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