Your Basement Needs a Change! (Part 1)

Adams Design Construction - Basement RemodelingLuxurious indoor swimming pools; dynamic theater screens with comfy lounge chair seating; a ground floor that easily absorbs the pounding of gym equipment; a fire place to bring romance back into your marriage; a wet bar with lots of built-in cupboard space for pre-game parties; with naturally cooler walls, a swanky wine cellar; with sound proofing, a home music studio.

Heck, even the idea of a place to send the teenagers to play their own music is enough to start sparks of ideas flying!

If you already have a basement, you are ahead of the game. A lot of houses don’t even have basement space to day dream about making that space into something wonderful. It’s more likely the place the unattractive water heater, water softener, furnace, dehumidifier, sump pump and often washer & dryer (complete with industrial sinks) dwell.

It is also the place to run when we have our nasty, and sometimes, dangerous Wisconsin weather conditions.

But if you have ever even considered utilizing your basement space here is the “Must Have” list to check over:

  • Dry. Dry. Dry before you start.
  • Foundation cracks, bowing walls, jamming of doors and/or windows are signs of settling.
  • Know there are codes to be followed for building and for electric work and permits that need to be attained.
  • Expect to shoot studs in floor
  • Expect furring on walls
  • Expect to keep vapor out
  • Think about a ceiling to hide duct work.
  • Recessed lighting assures nothing hangs down.
  • Base board heating works well.
  • A furnace ‘housing’ room has strict codes (generally two feet around)
  • You are wise to create a floor beneath floor
  • If you are in a place where it’s known to have water seepage, expect to do water proofing and installing a sump pump.

Now this is just the start. In our next blog, we will take a look at the next steps once you have started creating the new space!

As always, you can visit our website to see our work and contact us if you are ready to start the process of re-visualizing and remodeling your home!

Adams Design Construction - Basement Remodeling

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