Stairs – From Here to There (Part 1)

Adams Design Construction - StairsImagine new stairs being built in your home. Do they conjure images of the ‘Winchester House’ -that old mansion of Sarah Winchester’s with stairs that lead to nowhere, eight foot drops or to a ceiling?

First off, stairs can become a walking surface that otherwise may not be accessible by any other means. Such as up to an attic, over water, into the earth of a garden, over high hallways or narrow paths, into a pool area, out of a hot tub area, and yes, even up to a tree house.

Stairs created just for pets are all the rage now.
Stairs that make easy access to your roof.
Stairs that descend under a floor that may lead to temperature controlled wine cellars, food pantry or (for security) a gun room.

Mostly stairs take us from floor to floor.
For practical discussion, stairs have two parts:
A Tread is the part stepped on
A Riser is the vertical portion between each tread on the stair. (this may be missing for the ‘open air’ effect)

There are literally hundreds of ways to light stairs. Not only to assure your safe footing treading up and down but to look amazing in a design statement within the space of the room(s).

As always, you do need to check the building safety Codes.

Do have an idea for stairs in your home that you’ve always wanted to try? Did these ideas spark your imagination? Adams Design Construction is ready to help!

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