Why Skylights Are Great!

It’s no secret that it’s hotter nearest your ceiling than anywhere else.

This makes the cooler temperatures of April the perfect time to start talking about what’s going to happen with heat moving upward!

We can help you decide how to transform any room in your house with something as simple as a skylight!

Adams  Design Construction - Skylights

It doesn’t matter if it’s a well used living area or the dusty corners of the attic, you can trust your eyes to see that in natural daylight colors are more alive and vibrant. Plants thrive. Using daylight reduces your HVAC load as well.

Skylights offer draft free ventilation.  This can reduce your air conditioning bills considerably.

Plus, a skylight offers five times the light of a traditional window of the same size.

Adams  Design Construction - Skylights

Have you heard of Solar Skylights?

Solar skylights are created with not only remote controls, but sensors so they will automatically close if it rains. The Federal Government will give a whopping 30% tax credit as well if you install these!

If a skylight is installed correctly, as we always do for our clients, then you will never see the the issues others have with skylights: leakage, condensation staining or ice dams outside the light. We choose the right window and fit it perfectly into the allotted space.

When a view outside is not needed or where glass skylights are

not an option  (hallway, closet, bath room, stairway, laundry)

Tubular skylights will work.  These ‘plug’ from roof to room using reflective natural light. It’s amazing how much light they bring into a space!

Adams  Design Construction - Skylights

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