Three Season Room

What is a three season room anyway? Most consider it to be Spring through Fall; to make it different from a greenhouse, sunroom, screened porch or enclosed patio, it is protected from weather (no draughts and moisture sealed) and can be locked up and closed off from the rest of the house if need be.

Adams Design Construction - 3 Season Room

Three season rooms are really fun to design and we can sit with you and create a room you won’t want to leave…well, except for winter.

There are so many advantages when you custom design these. In a three season room you are bringing the beauty of nature indoors. One wants to enjoy the landscaping without the insects as guests.

Adams Design Construction - 3 Season Room

A three season space also adds a lot of value to your property should you ever wish to sell it. It is the very thing to do to simply add more living space.

Adams Design Construction - 3 Season RoomIf you have an older or historic home, you can take on the look of a conservatory that will not only look beautiful but add greenhouse usability and fragrance.

In a traditional home of all ‘box shaped’ rooms, create drama by the simple rise or drop of a few steps at the entrance. Clear ceiling panels allow natural light adding dimension and depth.

Whether you are adding a completely new addition or converting an existing porch/patio into a three season room, that entrance is your chance to make a statement!

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