Roof Top Rooms

Seeing goats on the roof always make people stop to gawk but when you realize they are up there “mowing the grass” with their teeth, you find a way to take a picture!

Goats on Roof of Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant

Goats on Roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Of course, you could have a lawn on your roof. A built-in pool too, it’s been done before. Space, practicality and the all important ‘budget’ may seem to be the dashers of these dreams. But even in ancient times, the poorest of people would escape to the top of their homes. 

Light and air are plenty. They don’t cost a thing and are part of the basics for having a garden. Built-in seating, tables, pergolas, raised flower beds, arched walk ways, garden shed, small pools and fountains can be created for any size space.



Outdoor cooking has become a family and entertaining activity. Built-in refrigerators, preparation islands, cupboards, outdoor grills is a total blast for kitchen culinary work.

Fire pits, fire places, and open space to display your favorite great art is really smart planning for a living room area. In the hot weather, the roof is delightful as a bedroom!

It is also quite convenient that you can choose to enclose these areas. Set it up with remote controls, you can have both treatments. The ambience you can create with foot lighting for a built-in bar and seating work in both open and enclosed rooms.


For a real treat, setting up a roof top movie theater with built-in seating for as many you can fit could be a real crowd pleaser. Of course let’s not forget one of the chief delights, the view!


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