Bay Windows

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

The Victorian era was a mother that gave birth to so many terrific designing ideas and concepts. We have never stopped using them. Bay Windows are still loved for their increased flow of light into room.

Whether they are Bow, which is curved like a compass, Polygonal, which is squared, or Bay, which is canted usually at 90,135 or 150 degree angles, they not only make a room appear larger but also expands the view to outside.

Oriel windows are supported from underneath by corbel or bracket and sometimes are confused with balconies. From Medieval up to the Baroque

period these could be highly ornamented. They were often times composed of intricate stained glass and backed alters in small house chapels. Stained glass has come a long way in both design and expense. Though few people have home chapels now, you’ll often find a pane of period stained glass hanging within a modern bay window.

In going ‘Bay’, you are certainly not limited to standard window sizes. Floor to ceiling ‘bay’ coverage can make a dreamy area to have your eggs, toast and coffee in the morning sunshine!

In a living room, a ‘Bay’ style can back a comfy window seat for ‘lap top’ space with extra storage space tucked below. Creating a ‘Bay’ in the landing between floors, can add height to the already bigger view to outside, as well as make a dramatic statement at the stair landing.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

A smaller ‘Bay’ window can be installed as a bump out from your kitchen as a very convenient space for plants or an herb garden. And if your kitchen is small, it can greatly increase the feeling of added space. In a master bath, your tub can be surrounded with light and privacy!


Simple additions like these examples or larger additions are what we do…daily! Give us a call!

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