Enjoying The Outdoors, Without All The Bug Bites

Enjoying the warm weather is a treat, especially after a wicked Wisconsin winter. You can relax in the yard, until around the middle of June, without the worry of mosquitoes. Once those thirsty pests start circling the shaded areas and beyond, it’s not so fun anymore! Mosquitoes are just one of the reasons that it might be time for a screened- in porch. As I always say, “Don’t feed the mosquitos!”


There are a lot of options when it comes to building a screened-in porch. Most are made out of wood frames that hold the screen. Designs can range from simple to more elaborate depending on taste. The benefit from either is the same. You’ll get additional, insect free, space that’s covered from the rain. Now you’re probably starting to envision what type of furniture will accent your new space. Once you have a comfortable porch you will finally be able to enjoy the summer even through the mosquito months.

Porch-C.T.-3      Porch-C.T.-1

Another thing to keep in mind before you pull the trigger on this project is the number of seasons you want to utilize your porch. The more simple design is really only good during the warmer months. If you wish to have a three or four season porch, budget accordingly. It’s well worth it to plan ahead and eliminate costly upgrades down the road. In most cases simplicity is best and will allow you to recoup costs when the time comes to sell. A screened-in porch allows you to really enjoy the weather when it’s nice. A sunroom is truly an indoor space.

Take your time and collaborate with us. We have years of design AND build experience to ensure you get a screened in porch that will add beauty and functionality your home for years to come.

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