Top It Off With Some Concrete Please

Concrete-CountertopsConcrete is often thought of as a dull sidewalk or driveway but these days it’s been used to create some of the most beautiful countertops. Compared to other materials used concrete is essentially indestructible, making it a logical choice for durability alone. You might be thinking that durability, all on its own, won’t cut it. Not the case, it can be customized in both color and layout!

Getting To Know Your Concrete

You can get concrete counters precast or cast-in-place.

Precast – concrete counters that are cast offsite by a local artisan, based on a template.

Cast-in-place – concrete counters that are poured on top of the cabinets and finished in place.


  • Durability
  • Custom Shaping
  • Color Additives – pigments, stains, aggregates, coatings
  • Drain boards
  • Personalized touches – such as trivets can be added
  • Cost – cheaper than granite or marble

The possibilities are endless from color(s) to the shine. You can make it look like granite or marble or even terrazzo by incorporating small chips of glass or colored stones into the countertop. Trivets or other such items can also be added.

So what about adding that color? There are a few methods to making concrete countertops more unique.

Dye – available in numerous colors, applied to cured slabs penetrating the top layer.

Integral Pigment – a colored powder that’s mixed into the wet concrete penetrates the full depth of the slab. This is a permanent way to color with a ton of options.

Acid Staining – metallic salts react with the concrete, done on hardened slabs with fewer options for color.

Protecting The Surface

If concrete countertops have been installed and sealed properly, they should last more than 20 years. They will not chip easily. Like most countertops, the clean up can be done with mild soapy water and a sponge. Harsh chemicals should be avoided so as not to harm the penetrating sealers. They will keep any spills from penetrating into the concrete. But just like other traditional counter top materials, care should be taken not to scratch the finish. We recommend you use a cutting board and trivets for putting down extremely hot pots and pans.

In short there are endless options and advantages of concrete countertops, just use your imagination. They are an artistic, durable way to bring new life to your kitchen. They require almost no maintenance and you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years. Let us help you get the best design and fit for your counters and start loving your kitchen again.

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