Fall into the Kitchen

Adams Design Construction - Kitchen TrendsFall is easily one of the best times of year for countless reasons. Running through the corn maze, sipping on fresh apple cider, watching the leaves float through the air, that’s just the beginning. As the days begin to get cooler, more time gets spent in the kitchen chopping up crisp apples to bake apple pie, or making chewy chocolate chip cookies. While you’re enjoying all this extra time in the kitchen you might start to realize it’s time for some updates.

There is a line that is drawn between dreams and reality and this could not be more prevalent when it comes to a kitchen remodel. An architectural rendering or to-scale drawing of your existing kitchen is the place to start to set realistic goals for your vision. Next come up with a list of things you want to get out of your kitchen remodel. More space, storage, style? Prioritize your needs so you don’t end up with all looks and no functionality.

If you hit a wall during the design process, start an idea folder full of pictures, rooms, products, and materials. Make some notes on what you like about other kitchens or what you hate about your kitchen. You can even take in to account your personality. Certain layouts can be right for one person and a disaster for the next.

Big things to consider when it comes to the functionality of your kitchen:

  • Kitchen is out of date or poor function?
  • Not enough space – too cramped?
  • How many cooks do you usually have in the kitchen?
  • Wants to have partner or children in the room while cooking?
  • How important is it to have easy clean up?
  • How often do you entertain and who is hanging out in your kitchen?
  • Why type of cooking is typically done?
  • Health hazards in the kitchen – old, bacteria in cracks?
  • What’s the one dream appliance you would love to have?

The answers to these questions will help guide you closer to the kitchen of your dreams! If you’re in need of help on the planning process or just making sure you have the right ideas in mind we would love to help you through the process.

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