Save Energy or Add Some Space

home-additionHome improvement is important year round but it is essential in the fall. Preparing for the cold weather will not only save you money on energy costs, it will provide you with some nice updates to your home. Some things may be possible to tackle on your own but for all the projects you want to hire out, we’re here.

  • Weather stripping is one of the most affordable ways to cut off any air leaks you may have, with costs starting around $5.
  • Installing low-flow faucets and showerheads will reduce the amount of work your water heater does by limiting how much hot water is being used. Try taking shorter showers on top of this simple improvement and you’ll see big savings.
  • Adding or replacing insulation can help reduce heating costs by as much as 20 percent. It’s another great way to make your home more energy efficient this winter.
  • Replacement windows can bring in huge savings as well, depending on what type and condition your current ones are in.

Those are some of the simple upgrades you can make to prepare your home for cold temperatures. Some of the bigger jobs, like adding on a room, may not affect your energy savings but this is the perfect time of year to have them completed. Another bedroom, bathroom, larger kitchen, whatever you’re in need of, adding on is a great fall project. The cooler temps will make it easier to undertake a major remodel that could leave a hole in your house.home-addition

Start by making a list of the improvements you need done. Figure out which ones can wait and which ones may need immediate attention. We can help you through the process. There is no better time of year than the fall to make some improvements to your home, let’s get started!

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