Peace in the Bathroom


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When the weather gets colder there is nothing better than a long hot shower or bath. With this extra time warming up your bones during the winter season you may find that your bathroom could use some upgrades, possibly an entire remodel. The bathroom you’ve always wanted can be yours with a design that will fully utilize the space you have. Another bonus to remodeling your bathroom, it can be one of the most cost-effective projects a homeowner can have done.

There are so many things to consider when you start planning a remodeling project of this magnitude. It’s best to break things down a bit into categories to limit some of the planning stress. There are so many resources online that will allow you to preview almost every style out there. In most cases you’ll be able to see what a completed project looks like.

Feel free to take a look at our work for some inspiration. So where to start? Again keep the thought process categorized. What kind of flooring do you have in mind? Tile works so well in small or large bathrooms, it will add style to the smaller space without being overwhelming. In a larger bathroom it creates an elegant effect.

The shower or tub is always a major focus in the bathroom. Saying goodbye to the basic will allow you to have more control over water flow, mix and temperature. Don’t forget to think towards the future when planning your shower or tub set up though. A great design will grow with you as you age or have children, unless of course you’re doing a master bath. In that case it’s all about you!

Freestanding bathtubs are quire striking and can set the mood for rest and relaxation. With the chaos of life constantly pulling you in many directions keep peacefulness at the center of your bathroom design so you have a place to escape, even if it’s just for a half hour.

Take a deep breath and let us help you design the bathroom of your dreams!

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