What’s in the Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen-CabinetsFrom a functional standpoint your kitchen cabinets serve as storage. There is so much activity in the hub of your home, so having solid cabinets is a huge plus! If you’re building a new house or updating your kitchen make sure you keep a balance between trendy and classic. Let’s be honest kitchen projects aren’t cheap and you want the work to last a long time. Go with designs that will stand the test of time.

Wood kitchen cabinets can offer strength and character. Oak is one of the most widely used and a bit more affordable. It’s available in a couple hundred species and is available all over the world. Once of the more common finishes for oak is natural or honey.Kitchen-Cabinets

Pine has three variations. White, ponderosa, or yellow, it’s super easy to work with and soaks stain right up. It will create more of a rustic feel.

Cherry is a mid-priced to higher end wood with a unique feature, it doesn’t require much stain. It naturally gets darker with time and exposure to sunlight. Reddish brown is the color you can expect from cherry, think antique furniture.

Maple is another type of wood that is very popular and has a ton of different species. It’s Kitchen-Cabinetseasy to work with and will accept stain easily. Maple will finish well in a variety of colors from honey to chestnut.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or doing some updates, wood will give you a lot of options. Again make sure to factor how many people are in your home and how much abuse the cabinets will see over the years. If you have kids your kitchen cabinets, often times, turn into a jungle gym. Get a hold of us if you need any advice or direction on your kitchen cabinet project.

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