In-Floor Radiant Heat

I’m sure you’ve experienced those winter mornings when you dread getting out from under your comforter. While a programmable thermostat can help heat things up before you step out of bed, the floor is still cold. In floor heat is something a lot of us dream about but when is the right time to make this big change? Fall is actually a perfect time to have in floor radiant heat installed.Underfloor_heating_pipes

Did you know radiant floor heating was actually invented by engineering-savvy Romans? They had wood burning fires under elevated marble floors. Two of the most common types of radiant-floor heating systems are electric and hydronic (heat via hot water tubes); both are buried underneath the floor. Electric is a bit more affordable but more expensive to operate, making them ideal for small areas.

Hydronic systems are less expensive to operate, making them great for large floor areas or an entire house. However they do come with a higher initial cost because they’re a bit more complicated to install and require heated water from a boiler or water heater.

Either version of radiant heat is far more superior to forced air systems. Floor heating keeps your toes warm and ensures that the rest of your body will be kept comfortable as well. Waves of infrared radiation rising from the floor warm up the whole house, with very little heat lost to surrounding surfaces. Forced-air heating systems push heat to the ceiling, leaving cooler air to settle.

If you’ve been thinking about stepping onto a nice warm floor on an icy winter morning then get a hold of us today and we can start planning out your new radiant heat floors!

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