Moving Indoors for Remodeling Projects

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodel before

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodel after

Winter is either loved or hated. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on, it’s actually a great time to have interior remodeling done, or finally get those repairs taken care of. It’s usually easier to schedule work in the winter months, especially if it’s painting, flooring, updating lighting and plumbing. All these jobs require little exterior work, making them ideal.

Most contractors will have more time available due to the lack of exterior jobs being done. You can really take time to plan the project and, again, come up with a schedule that will make the process go more smoothly. Just keep in mind that as the calendar inches closer to spring scheduling will take a little more foresight.

You should see a bit of a savings on materials and products as well. There may be close-out prices on appliances and materials before the busy spring increase. It’s common for manufacturers to offer these specials during the winter to reduce inventory.

With all the positives attributed to having work done in the winter there are still some common reservations that exist. Some homeowners worry about dust, fumes and work areas becoming a problem. With the latest technologies and clean-up methods these issues can be controlled using HEPA filters which we do! Fans with negative pressure, plastic zip doors, and sealing off heat ducts with a filter will keep the dust, debris and fumes in the work area.

If you’re planning a vacation this winter, that could also make for the best time to have work done in your home to avoid the impedance on your daily activities. So whatever you’ve been dreaming about let’s build it this winter!

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