The Basement Abode

Basement-RemodelingWhat’s in your basement, boxes, old furniture or just damp dark corners? If that’s what’s hiding in your basement then there is surely potential down there as well! So much more can be done with all that extra space, and winter is actually the perfect time to have it done. Who knows, if you treat it just like all the rooms upstairs it just might become your favorite place in the house. The biggest benefit; it will cost a lot less than adding on.

Start with the layout…Try and place the main area for socializing that might get the best natural light. Bedrooms will need to be kept on the perimeter so egress windows can be installed in case of an emergency. With the potential for a lack of natural light, don’t hold back on lighting. Lighting can really help with eliminating dark spots.Basement-Remodeling

There are some things that should be inspected before any plans are made. A moisture test can be done by taping 2-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls. Wait a couple of weeks. If condensation is forming underneath, your foundation may not be sealed. If droplets for on top, it’s a sign that you need a dehumidifier. Have the floor joists checked for sagging and most importantly make sure there is no carbon monoxide build up.

This is just the start to planning for a basement remodel. The end result is well worth it. You will gain a lot more square footage that will be perfect to escape to. Oh and don’t forget the mini fridge. Having snacks and food in the basement will keep you from running up and down the stairs. Take a look at some of the basement remodeling projects we’ve completed and get a hold of us when you’re ready to start yours!

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