The Struggle for More Space is Real

There is no shortage of reasons why you might be in need of more space.Home Expansion

    • Maybe the two kids you put in the same room just aren’t getting along the way you thought they would.
    • Sometimes the initial square footage is insufficient.
    • More commonly, families grow; you have more children, and acquire more “stuff.”

Whatever the case may be, Adams loves the challenge of creating; not just more space but, functional space.

Additions are a great way to increase the value of your home. Another major benefit to expanding square footage…you won’t have to leave the neighborhood and home you’ve grown to love. Too many times people pick up and move because they “outgrow” their space. We can design a creative way to capitalize on the potential your existing home has. Options for more room could lie in different areas. Here are just a few:

  • The attic
  • Constructing an entire 2nd floor with a master bedroom suite
  • The basement

Finished BasementThings get pretty exciting when you start dreaming about staying where you are but getting brand new space to occupy. We can even help you address which additions will be more likely to increase, not only functionality, but value as well. We can also help you plan for aging in your home. When you make the decision to stay where you’re at for the long haul it’s important to consider modifications that will help you “get around”, as mobility becomes more of a challenge.

Before you feel the need to put your house up for sale and move on, get a hold of us. We’ll let you know how much more square footage you can get out of your home. You’ve had so many great memories there already, why not make more.

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