Entry Doors Greet Weather and Friends

Entry_doorsWhat’s waiting for you on the other side of the door? In Wisconsin it can be anything! Extreme cold, immense heat, on a good day it would be someone selling Girl Scout cookies. On a bad day it would be someone trying to break in. Your entry door literally sees it all and everyone who comes to your house sees it, in all its glory or disrepair.

Having an entry door that brings some good curb appeal, rigidity, and energy efficiency is the way to go. There are different stages of replacement as well. It depends on what shape your existing door is already in. If your old door framing has begun to rot you’ll need to replace the jambs, and threshold. On some occasions the door frame may be fine but the studs that it’s nailed to are bowed out of square. This will cause the door to hang up when it’s opened or closed.

A lot of the new doors are pre-hung, which means the door hangs on hinges within a new frame. These are a great choice if your existing frame is shot or you’re removing it because you want a larger opening. We can help you determine the current condition of your door and frame so you make the right choice. We can also work on a custom entry way if you’re after a wider opening.

Once the condition of your door has been assessed it’s time for the fun part, picking out a new door! There are various styles and materials to choose from but it’s important to make sure you get something that’s durable enough to withstand heavy usage. We can help walk you through all the options so you get the best looking, most durable, and energy efficient entry door.

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