Home Energy Audit

Home_Energy_AuditSave hundreds of dollars each year by making upgrades identified in an energy assessment. It sounds simple enough and it really is. There are many places in your home that you could be unnecessarily losing energy or, worse, the problem could create a safety risk. In a home energy audit, every part of your home is looked at from the basement to the 4 corners of the attic.

There is a very systematic and effective approach involved in an energy audit:

  • Blower door test – Measures the air-tightness of your home
  • Infrared camera scan – Pinpoints air leaks, insufficient insulation, and moisture problems
  • Combustion safety testing – Ensures appliances are operating safely and efficiently
  • Building walkthrough – Identifies any other energy efficiency problems
  • Survey of all appliances and lighting

Once the home energy audit report is completed, the homeowner can prioritize which projects they’ll tackle first. Once the repairs have been made, it’s beneficial to have the home re-tested to benchmark those repairs and assure they were successful. Every step you take now towards energy efficiency the more you’ll save throughout the years.

Make sure the National Energy Assessment Standards are followed:

BPI – Building Performance Institute

HERS – Home Energy Rating System

This gives the industry some normalization allowing a home performance company to come in and make the necessary repairs. Take a look at the home energy assessments video for more information. If you have any other questions we would love to help you start saving hundreds every year on your home energy usage!

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