The Mud Room

We know you don’t want to think about it, but didn’t all the snow, mud and plain old weather-related gook during winter bother you when it tracked into your house? It bothers us! Are you ready to think ahead to the next season and maybe consider adding a mudroom to your house?

Mudrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in the house and are often overlooked at how great they can make the rest of the house look! Consider the mudroom as the “keep” of the house, only it’s not in the dungeon…er…basement.

Here’s what we mean: You can use your mudroom not only for leaving dirty shoes and clothes but as a storage place for items you need almost all the time but don’t want to keep in the basement; we’re talking athletic equipment for the kids, outdoor equipment for adults, toys, etc. Creating a mudroom that has built in cubbies is the answer!

When creating your mudroom, you will also want to consider how easy it is to clean that room. The surfaces that are constructed into the room will need to be resistant to scuffs and scratches. Now we are talking about high gloss paint and porcelain floor tiles.

Let’s say you can’t construct a new mudroom…have you taken a look at the foyer and whether you can change it to become a mini-mudroom? Constructing a storage unit mounted along the side of the stairs makes this easy. You can add compartments, cubbies, hooks to hang the jackets. You can add closed cabinets above everything to add more storage. And don’t forget the seating to take off shoes and what-not.

It’s better to start thinking about this now before you hit December and wish you had done it in late summer or early fall. Use the space you have or create a new one, we can help you with ideas to make it easier to live in your own home…from new kitchens to the utilitarian mudroom!

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