Help Save Energy by Remodeling

Insulation-weatherizationBasic weatherization is a great way to take some smaller steps toward a more energy efficient home but there are some bigger projects that can save more energy AND money.

    • Bulk up wall, floor, attic, and basement or crawlspace insulation
    • Complete replacement of existing insulation
    • Replace heating, cooling and/ or water heating systems
    • Roof replacement
    • Window and door replacement

Adding more space to your home is one of the projects that usually requires some serious thought on a new heating and cooling system. It’s always best to start thinking of energy performance now so you can save time and money. A major factor when taking on energy updates is the return on investment.

The initial cost for energy improvement can sometimes pose a problem. Coming up with enough money for even basic “weatherization” can be difficult. You might start things off with an energy audit to see where you currently stand. It’s a great way to figure out exactly what parts of your property need attention.

Truly the biggest effect you can have on your energy bill lies in your homes air exchange with the outdoors, otherwise known as your homes envelope, the windows, doors and roof. Once you’ve taken the steps to fortify your homes barriers then it’s more feasible to move on to the replacement of your mechanicals, lighting and water conservation.

Upgrading or updating your home’s energy efficiency can be a great way to stay right energy-auditwhere you are for years to come without having to foot the bill for a new property. Plus you’ll end up using less in materials which is better for sustainability. Get a hold of us today to start the planning portion of your next home improvement.

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