Double Hung Windows – the new replacement

We all know new windows can help with your energy bills, but when it comes time to replace them, what to choose?  There are several different types of windows. Traditionally, most windows were side-hinged windows, referred to as casements, and sliding sash windows. New opening mechanisms such as friction and pivot hinges are increasingly popular and available in double hung windows.

So,why choose double hung windows? Cleaning. Double hung windows are much easier to clean than windows based on a spiral or string system, because they won’t allow the sash to drop out when you are cleaning them. They also tilt in a way that uses a flush fitting tilt release which is more attractive than the older screwed in tilt release systems. This system works well for two story homes and enables you to clean your windows from the inside.


You may find that choosing a quality window is difficult because of the overwhelming number of options. So where to start?  We suggest picking a window that comes with a solid warranty offered by a quality manufacturer.  Besides your budget, this is an important factor in your decision making, since your windows should last decades.  Also to consider is the material you choose: vinyl, wood, aluminum and composite materials are all available in our area. And after you’ve made your decision, we suggest hiring a professional to install them – nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on new windows and then not have them installed properly.

Remember, window materials, shapes, and sizes vary considerably, as does terminology, so you should read your manufacturer’s literature carefully. Replacement windows for older homes often need to be custom-built to your requirements, which is also something to consider.

Windows are a large investment and if you pick wisely you can save money over the long run by improving your energy efficiency. In order to save money in the future you may be wise to spend a little more on your windows now…

Need help choosing and installing your windows – we’re here to help. Give us a call, 608-241-9009, and we’d be happy to get started on updating the windows on your home.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Many of you probably have most of your Holiday decorations up, but maybe you could use some more or wait until this week to get them up for the family coming next week. There is still plenty of time to get your home filled with the joy of the season and make your home sparkle with everything that the Holidays have to offer: Peace, Love and Happiness.

Something Different for Stockings

Adams Design Construction - Holiday DecoratingWhile hanging stockings from the mantle is an age-old tradition with no real written origin, it evolved from a story about St. Nicholas throwing bags of gold into a window of a poor man’s house where the gold landed in the stockings of his daughters that were hanging by the fireplace to dry. It’s a great story, but doesn’t mean you need to keep your stockings there.

Consider a decorative way to hang from a wall near the tree or along the wall going up the stairs. You could even hang them from a bannister and wrap the bannister with a garland! You could also use your bookcase or even right on the front windows!

The Centerpiece for your Holiday Meal

Sometimes forgotten in the hustle of planning for the party is the centerpiece. It shouldn’t be as directing everyone’s attention to the center of the table is a great way to showcase all the food you just spent hours slaving over. If you have a glass jar or several glass jars that are large, you could fill them with ornaments and pinecones or festive holiday fare such as Holly and Ivy or Mistletoe that people can grab to snag a kiss!

 All Those Christmas Cards, No Space

What do you do with all the Christmas cards? Keep them in a basket, place them on the counter or just throw them out. I doubt it’s the last one…your friends and family did spend a lot of time taking the photos, putting them together and mailing them out. So, why don’t you wow them when they come over with a Christmas Card Showcase? It’s a great way to organize them! Just tape them to a wall, but in a Christmas shape – like a tree! You can make separate tree sections and use tinsel in between the sections. It’s simple and fun and a great decoration!

These are just a few ideas we have posted in our Holiday Decorating Ideas Board on our Pinterest page. Did you know we have a Pinterest page? We are sharing lots of ideas and want to get ideas from all of you! Follow us now…and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year!