Mother-in-Law Suites

These days mother-in-law apartments are almost anything but that. Father, son or daughter-in-law, grandparents or grandchildren, more and more extended families are sharing living quarters.

c0b53d12ba514247a8d3801c2f6d185bIt used to be that Mother-in-law apartments were considered just that, an entity close to, yet separate from the rest of the home. They were often built above the garage. Beside keeping costs down, (building on an existing foundation) and giving the tenant personal and private space, it can be a terrific way to generate some cash flow. Renting the space out to students could fund your own children’s education. Continue reading

Fireplaces, Part II: Keeping Yourself Warm in Winter

If you have a fireplace stationed in your home and want to make use of it but have resisted because of the heat loss equation, it is possible to have a fire box put into your existing one. It’s recommended to have a professional check to be certain it is alterable. Naturally an expert would have to do the installing.  Continue reading

Stairs – From Here to There (Part 1)

Adams Design Construction - StairsImagine new stairs being built in your home. Do they conjure images of the ‘Winchester House’ -that old mansion of Sarah Winchester’s with stairs that lead to nowhere, eight foot drops or to a ceiling?

First off, stairs can become a walking surface that otherwise may not be accessible by any other means. Such as up to an attic, over water, into the earth of a garden, over high hallways or narrow paths, into a pool area, out of a hot tub area, and yes, even up to a tree house. Continue reading

Your Basement Needs a Change! (Part 2)

Basements can mean different things for different people.

Basement Joy

Adams Design Construction - Basement RemodelingWe’ve talked about this before; more living space for a growing family. The fire place you always wanted and a place to snuggle with a good book. Your own theater, wine cellar, wet bar. A home gym or craft area or children’s play space (ie, place to hide the toys). A sound studio or a man cave. What can be done in a finished basement is left to your imagination! Continue reading