Planning Ahead for a Better Payoff

Porch-C.T.-3Warmer temperatures are a pretty nice thought right now. You start to dream of all the blossoming flowers and fresh spring air. If there are any remodeling projects you have in mind for the summer months now is the perfect time to start laying out a plan of attack. When you allow yourself enough time to mull things over you’ll be able to relay your thoughts to your contractor. Once your contractor has a good idea of what you’re looking for they can make sure it’s realistic. Continue reading

Is the Remodel Worth It?

Adams Design Construction - Attic RemodelingWith the New Year comes change and there’s a good chance you’ve already been thinking about making improvements on your home long before the clock struck midnight. It’s a big undertaking, but before you jump in, ask yourself the question, is it really worth it? There are a lot of factors when it comes to seeing a return on investment for your home remodeling project. Continue reading

The Basement Abode

Basement-RemodelingWhat’s in your basement, boxes, old furniture or just damp dark corners? If that’s what’s hiding in your basement then there is surely potential down there as well! So much more can be done with all that extra space, and winter is actually the perfect time to have it done. Who knows, if you treat it just like all the rooms upstairs it just might become your favorite place in the house. The biggest benefit; it will cost a lot less than adding on. Continue reading

Moving Indoors for Remodeling Projects

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodel before

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodel after

Winter is either loved or hated. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on, it’s actually a great time to have interior remodeling done, or finally get those repairs taken care of. It’s usually easier to schedule work in the winter months, especially if it’s painting, flooring, updating lighting and plumbing. All these jobs require little exterior work, making them ideal. Continue reading

When Old is Renewed


A wheelchair ramp leading to the bedroom

There is an expected increase in home remodeling due to the number of older adults that are in need of updated amenities. More and more baby boomers are choosing to stay at home. Adjusting these older homes for the aging requires some retrofitting to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. The right kind of improvements can help maintain freedom and dignity. Continue reading

Where There’s a Window, There’s a Gaze

WindowHave you ever been in a house that has the perfectly placed windows in every room? The amount of natural light alone can help with energy costs. Windows today are extremely low maintenance and have come a long way in efficiency as well.

When it comes to selection you might have a style in mind but sifting through all the options and terminology can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you get a high quality and energy efficient window or skylight. So how do you go about selecting an energy efficient window? Continue reading

Enjoying The Outdoors, Without All The Bug Bites

Enjoying the warm weather is a treat, especially after a wicked Wisconsin winter. You can relax in the yard, until around the middle of June, without the worry of mosquitoes. Once those thirsty pests start circling the shaded areas and beyond, it’s not so fun anymore! Mosquitoes are just one of the reasons that it might be time for a screened- in porch. As I always say, “Don’t feed the mosquitos!”

Porch-C.T.-2 Continue reading

Mother-in-Law Suites

These days mother-in-law apartments are almost anything but that. Father, son or daughter-in-law, grandparents or grandchildren, more and more extended families are sharing living quarters.

c0b53d12ba514247a8d3801c2f6d185bIt used to be that Mother-in-law apartments were considered just that, an entity close to, yet separate from the rest of the home. They were often built above the garage. Beside keeping costs down, (building on an existing foundation) and giving the tenant personal and private space, it can be a terrific way to generate some cash flow. Renting the space out to students could fund your own children’s education. Continue reading

Roof Top Rooms

Seeing goats on the roof always make people stop to gawk but when you realize they are up there “mowing the grass” with their teeth, you find a way to take a picture!

Goats on Roof of Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant

Goats on Roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Of course, you could have a lawn on your roof. A built-in pool too, it’s been done before. Space, practicality and the all important ‘budget’ may seem to be the dashers of these dreams. But even in ancient times, the poorest of people would escape to the top of their homes.  Continue reading

Three Season Room

What is a three season room anyway? Most consider it to be Spring through Fall; to make it different from a greenhouse, sunroom, screened porch or enclosed patio, it is protected from weather (no draughts and moisture sealed) and can be locked up and closed off from the rest of the house if need be. Continue reading